Microsoft Pokes Fun at Internet Explorer Critics – Video

Internet Explorer is the browser you loved to hate

Internet Explorer 10, initially available on Windows 8 and now also compatible with Windows 7, is Microsoft latest in-house browser that’s supposed to be faster and more stable than ever.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that people have forgotten about the old Internet Explorer versus other browsers war, so IE10 continues to be criticized for several built-in features.

Microsoft has decided to deal with this avalanche of criticism in a rather funny way: the company has just released a video aimed at Internet Explorer 10 haters, explaining that even those who loved to hate the built-in Windows browser finally start using it.

We won’t begin talking about the tests that proved a browser is better than another because, in the end, the user decides which browser suits him better, but in case you decide you give Internet Explorer 10 a ride, here’s the download link.

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