Microsoft Pokes Fun at iPad, Siri in New Surface RT Ad – Video

The software giant keeps making fun of its rivals in the tablet industry

Microsoft has just rolled out a new advertisement for its Surface RT tablet, again trying to show everyone that its own device is much better than Apple’s iPad.

The company has once again turned to Siri to prove that the Surface RT is a much more useful tablet than the iPad, as it packs a USB port, a touch keyboard, a kickstand, and many other top-notch features.

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the impact of all these more or less funny ads doesn’t seem to make any difference when it comes to sales, as the Surface RT is yet to become a really appealing product in the tablet industry.

The company has confirmed this morning that the Surface RT caused loses worth $900 million (€685 million) due to unsold units, as the Softies had much higher expectations from their first tablet in history.

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