Microsoft Promises to Fight the Windows 8 Confusion

The company is looking to work with partners to help differentiate RT and 8

The confusion affecting the Windows 8 family has grown so much that some British retailers fail to make the difference between the RT version and the desktop flavor of the operating system, thus tricking people into believing that a Windows RT tablet allows them to run all desktop apps.

Microsoft has told us in a statement that it’s currently looking into all these reports and it plans to work closer with its partners across the world to help them make a difference between Windows 8 and Windows RT, a move that would obviously reduce confusion and boost sales of its new operating system.

“We are looking into these reports and working closely with our retail partners to help ensure they are accurately representing the Windows options that will best meet customer needs and provide great experiences,” a company spokesperson told us.

At this point, none of the retailers mistakenly listing Windows RT devices as Windows 8 compatible have updated their pages, so it remains to be seen if Microsoft’s efforts really leave their mark.

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