Microsoft Receives $195 Million (€147 Million) After MSNBC Buyout

The company owns 50 percent of the news portal

Back in July, NBC decided to buy Microsoft’s 50 percent of the news portal and move all content to, a brand new website providing access to a wide variety of news.

While no financial information was disclosed at that time, now reports that Microsoft received no less than $195 million (€147 million) from NBC as part of the deal.

In addition, Microsoft still displays advertisements on the news portal, while NBC offers some of the news stories published on Microsoft’s own

In the meantime, the Redmond-based technology giant has also rolled out a complete makeover for the MSN portal, including a new design that’s based on the live tile layout implemented into Windows 8. What’s more, the company introduced several optimizations, so the site is now loading up to four times faster than the other news portals on the web.

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