Microsoft Releases Fairies for Windows 8

A brand new game with Xbox Live support available in the Store

Microsoft has just released Fairies for Windows 8, a brand new game that comes with Xbox Live support and several features aimed at kids.

Sporting appealing Disney graphics, Fairies requires users to find hidden collectibles in every episode, while also offering a so-called “Read to me” mode that allows parents and kids to play and read together.

Just like all the other Microsoft titles available in the Store, Fairies works on all Windows 8 builds, including x86, x64 and ARM devices, so it’s fully optimized for the touch to work on Windows RT tablets.

Here’s the official description of the game published in the Store:

“Tinker Bell is the newest resident of Pixie Hollow, and she’s doing her best to leave a lasting impression on the fairy world. After discovering her talent, Tink invents, builds and repairs new contraptions to make life easier for her fairy friends. Join Fairy Mary, Bobble and Clank, Rosetta, Iridessa and all the other fairies as they teach Tink about Pixie Dust, sprinting thistles, the many uses of acorns, and the magical world of Pixie Hollow.”

Click here to view the Fairies Windows Store page in your browser.

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