Microsoft Releases IE10-Optimised Shoe Design Site

Paint your own sneakers straight from Internet Explorer 10

Microsoft has just announced the release of an interactive shoe design site created in collaboration with PMK Customs.

The so-called PMK Design Labs is nothing more than an Internet Explorer 10-optimized website that allows you to paint some virtual sneakers with any colors you want.

“In working with the Internet Explorer team, PMK Customs set out to prove that creating an engaging website is not just reserved for big companies with big budgets,” Roger Capriotti, director, Internet Explorer Marketing, said.

“But in fact, with little time and investment, businesses of all sizes can create web experiences that feel more like an app, that take advantage of the inclusiveness of the web, and provide rich and exciting new opportunities.”

The website employs several HTML5 features, such as CSS3, canvas, video, web workers, TypeScript and pointer events to provide the best possible experience after loading the website.

Click here to load the page (Internet Explorer 10 is obviously recommended).

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