Microsoft Releases Temporary Fix for Missing Emails Bug

The company says that it’s currently working on a full patch

A bug in removed all emails belonging to hundreds of Hotmail users who attempted to migrate to Microsoft’s new email service in the last couple of months, so the company has finally decided to investigate the issue.

Even though the issue was first reported in October and Microsoft previously said that it had fixed the bug, new complaints have been periodically posted on support forums, pointing to an issue that removes old emails stored in the inbox folder.

Now Microsoft told TNW in a statement that it released a temporary patch, while a full update was expected to be rolled out anytime soon, as engineers were already working on it.

“We fixed many user accounts that were renamed, and as a result, had trouble accessing some of their email. We recognize some customers are still experiencing issues, and we are actively working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. We will re-enable the “rename” option when we are confident that no further issues will arise,” the company said.

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