Microsoft Reportedly Blocking Mega User Registrations

Hotmail and users don’t get their confirmation emails

The Mega file sharing service is growing bigger at an amazingly fast pace, but according to owner Kim Dotcom, some Microsoft users cannot register for a new account.

Dotcom mentioned in a short tweet that some of those using Hotmail do not receive Mega confirmation emails, while Gmail addresses seem to work just fine.

“Don’t use Hotmail to register on Mega. They have mysteriously black holed emails from our domain. Gmail works fine,” Kim Dotcom said.

While some users also seem to be affected, others have pointed out that confirmation emails sometimes arrive with a significant delay, so Microsoft isn’t blocking anything.

Kim Dotcom also added that his team was working on the issue, as some email services may block confirmations because of the huge number of messages.

“We are working on the confirmation email issue. Some mail services react allergic to an unknown domain sending millions of confirmations,” he explained.

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