Microsoft Reportedly Shelves Google Glass Rival Plans

It appears that Microsoft is not yet ready to launch wearable technology

Microsoft is one of the companies that have reportedly planned to step into the wearables industry with the help of a Google Glass-like project, but according to a new report, the company might actually delay such a significant step for an unspecified period of time.

Chinese website WPDang is reporting, via unnamed sources, that Microsoft has shelved plans for eyewear technology that could help the company compete against Google and its well-known Glass.

While no clear specifics have been provided, it appears that the reason might actually be an incompatibility between Kinect software and the Microsoft glass project. Of course, Redmond hasn't totally abandoned the idea, but it's just delaying the project for the moment until a much more viable solution is found.

Microsoft could obviously miss a major opportunity here, but the company surely knows what it's doing, especially since it's betting so much money on its hardware efforts.

Word is that the Google Glass rival isn't Microsoft's only project in the wearables industry and a smartwatch is coming too, possibly powered by Windows and offering compatibility not only with Windows Phones, but also with iOS and Android devices.

It might seem like Microsoft is really serious about the wearables market, so in case this report is true, expect the company to restart work on the eyewear tech with the first possible occasion.

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