Microsoft Reveals New Vision: Reimagining and Relaunching Everything

Microsoft exec talks about the company’s new product strategy

The Redmond-based technology company is looking into ways to make its products a bit more appealing these days, and keeping its software always fresh seems to be only method to achieve its goals.

Microsoft’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Turner, told Al Arabiya that Microsoft’s vision had changed in the last few years and delivering newer and better solutions on a regular basis is a top priority.

“When you step back and look at the Microsoft company today in a very tight windows of about six to eight months; we are basically reimagining, relaunching, and putting back into market,” Turner said.

Steve Ballmer has repeatedly said that Microsoft is no longer just a software company, as it slowly migrates towards a devices and services entity capable of delivering a lot more than software.

The first step has already been made with the release of the Surface tablet and more products are expected next year, including a Pro version of this device.

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