Microsoft Reveals “Tactic” to Get Office 2013 for Free

Office 2013 has finally reached RTM, but Microsoft has much more to offer

The Redmond-based technology firm finally pushed Office 2013 to RTM this A.M., confirming that the new suite will be released in the first quarter of 2013. The company however has also revealed a very interesting bit of information in a long and kind of boring blog post.

While announcing general availability date for Office 2013, Microsoft also mentioned that starting October 19, every single consumer that purchases Office 2010 from a local retailer or a reseller would get the new Office for free.

Before putting the party hats on, it’s also very important to note that Office 2013 won’t be delivered immediately after you get the 2010 version, but only when the product sees daylight in early 2013.

Microsoft will most likely launch an Office upgrade service that would allow previous Office buyers to make the move to the latest version, just like it plans to do with the Windows operating system, so the whole transition would take place as smoothly as possible.

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