Microsoft Reveals New Windows 8.1 Apps Details

The company has updated all Xbox apps in Windows 8.1

Microsoft rolled out new versions of the Xbox entertainment apps in Windows 8.1 Preview that comprise not only performance improvements, but also plenty of new features.

The company has detailed the changes in a new blog post, explaining that the app redesigns are supposed to help Windows 8.1 become a much more user-friendly working environment.

Xbox Games, for example, now packs improvements to search and user interface, so you can now search directly within the app through the built-in search bar.

Xbox Video, on the other hand, comes not only with a new search experience, but also with more content and with what Microsoft calls “continuous engagement” to perform some other tasks on your Windows 8 device while downloading videos.

Last but not least, Xbox Music packs a faster search tool and streaming radio stations to listen to your favorite music on the fly.

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