Microsoft Rolls Out Anti-Google Infographic

Yet another attempt supposed to show everyone that Google is playing dirty

If you think that placing an anti-Gmail billboard next to Google’s headquarters is Microsoft’s latest strike against the Mountain View-based search giant, you’re wrong.

The company has recently rolled out an infographic to show everyone that Google is actually playing dirty when it displays ads in users’ inboxes, once again reminding that “is a much better service.”

According to a study conducted by Mozaic Group and published by Microsoft, 60 percent of Gmail users say they will definitely switch, or at least consider switching from Gmail to another mail service. 71 percent of them were not aware that Google is looking into their inboxes to display ads, while 88 percent agree that the search company should not use words in their emails to deliver ads.

The infographic then goes on to praise for the way it deals with users’ privacy, as “we prioritize your privacy and don’t go through your emails to sell ads.”

Click the photo above to load the full version of the infographic.

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