Microsoft Rolls Out Bitcoin Conversion for Bing Search Engine

The company has introduced a new feature for its search engine

Microsoft has just implemented a brand new feature in its Bing search engine that allows users to conduct Bitcoin conversion on the fly.

The new feature gives users the possibility to find out how much their Bitcoins are worth in over 50 currencies across the world, all from the search engine results page.

“Whether you’re looking to compare dollars to pounds, euros to pesos or yuan to rupee, we’ve got over 50 currencies in our index that we’ll display following a few quick keystrokes,” Microsoft explained.

“As Bitcoin (the peer-to-peer payment system and digital currency) makes headlines and captures the world's attention, we thought it was only natural to give you an easy way to track real-time fluctuations. Starting today, you will find instant Bitcoin conversions at the top of your Bing results.”

The option is already available on Bing, so go over to the search engine and perform a Bitcoin conversion right now to see how it works.

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