Microsoft Rolls Out Windows 8 Contest with $64,000 Worth of Prizes

The company once again tries to encourage developers to create Windows 8 apps

In an attempt to encourage developers to create more apps for Windows 8, Microsoft has partnered with Future Publishing for a contest that offers $64,000 (€49,500) worth of prizes.

The so-called “Windows 8 App Generator” calls for developers to create Windows 8 apps and send them to the Store. As soon as their apps are approved by Microsoft, they are automatically eligible for the contest.

Microsoft will be offering a 32GB Windows 8 tablet every day, while the grand prize winner will get a Dell workstation, a Wacom 24 HD tablet and a 16GB Lytro camera.

In addition, the Ten Best Apps will bring developers a Windows 8 ultrabook, a Windows tablet and a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone.

The contest will kick off in the United Kingdom on November 26 and will end on December 24. More information is available via the official page of the contest.

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