Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 Quietly Released

Enhanced Automatic Remediation service, SpyNet renamed to MAPS

After spending about five months in beta, Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 rolled out as a stable release. It is currently available for download for all users, but existing customers should receive the latest version automatically through the Microsoft Update service.

The current update is nothing out of the ordinary, as it is part of the regular development process of the application. It aims to deliver improved product performance as well as better protection against threats.

As such, the developer enhanced the Automatic Remediation service, which is designed for preemptive protection, so high risk malware is quarantined as soon as detected, before alerting the user of its presence.

Additional changes include fixing up minor issues in the set-up procedure, malware remediation as well as other areas. A streamlined interface and renaming the SpyNet online community service to Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS) are also part of the modifications.

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