Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease Available for Download

The company has released a new testing version of its anti-virus software

Microsoft has just rolled out a new Prerelease version of the popular Security Essentials app, thus giving users a chance to try out some features before they reach the final build.

Since it's a preview version, it could also come with some bugs and issues, but Microsoft wants users who install it to report any issue they might find in the app.

“As a Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease user, Microsoft Security Essentials updates will automatically be installed on your computer through Microsoft Updates. To help us improve the software, you will be enrolled in the Microsoft Error Reporting, Customer Experience Improvement Program, and Microsoft Active Protection Service,” the company explained.

Microsoft Security Essentials works only on Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, as Windows 8 already comes with full-featured anti-virus Windows Defender.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials Prerelease from Softpedia

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