Microsoft Servers Go Down Due to Anti-Virus Issue

The Office 365 online service suffered two different outages this week

Microsoft’s Office 365 went offline twice this week and because no information was provided to customers, the company has just published some details on its official blog.

While users had no other solution than to stare at the screen and wait until the service gets back online, Microsoft claims that one of the outages actually occurred due to an anti-virus issue.

“Office 365 utilizes multiple anti-virus engines to identify and clean virus messages from our customers' inboxes. One of these multiple engines identified a virus being sent to customers, but the engine started to exhibit a lot of latency even as it handled the messages,” the company said.

Maintenance and increased load on the service were both at fault for the second outage, Microsoft added. Everything is working smoothly right now, but you can really forget about the 99.99 percent uptime you’ve always dreamed about.

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