Microsoft Should Rethink Its Windows 8 Strategy, Says Analyst

Windows 8 is again blamed for the poor new PCs sales

Windows 8 still fails to excite, if we're to take a look at the latest statistics regarding the OS market share in March 2013, and IDC analysts claim that Microsoft’s new OS is doing more harm than good to the PC industry.

So, as far as Clive Longbottom, analyst at market researcher Quocirca, is concerned, Microsoft should rethink its Windows 8 strategy as soon as possible.

“Unlike [the era of] Windows Vista, where Microsoft still had a stranglehold on a growing PC market and so could afford to have another go, Windows 8 is now fighting in a multi-fronted war on tablets and smartphones,” Longbottom told IT Pro.

“Microsoft will retain its stranglehold on the PC market, but the PC market is shrinking and it has to rethink its strategy and quick.”

Microsoft, on the other hand, is already one step ahead and is currently making the final adjustments to Windows 8.1, the first major overhaul for Windows 8 that could bring several improvements in terms of features and appearance.

No indication is available at this point on the release date, but it appears that Microsoft might plan to bring the new OS to the market this summer.

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