Microsoft Showcases “Rounds” Windows 8 App Aimed at the Health System

A new app is supposed to improve the workflow of health care professionals

Microsoft has recently presented a brand new project called “Rounds,” which is actually a Windows 8 application supposed to improve the health system with the help of several innovative features.

Still in development stage, “Rounds” is an app that integrates features of other Microsoft solutions, such as Lync, in order to provide a touch-optimized solution that allows doctors to quickly manage patient data.

According to eWeek, doctors will be able to view the electronic health records of a specific patient with a single tap on a Windows 8 touchscreen-capable device.

The app also offers instant messaging tools to streamline the communication process within a hospital, but also dedicated tools to follow patient treatment from admission to discharge.

“It's a prototype to show what is really possible with Windows 8 and Office 365 that's going to really enable providers and care teams to be productive and efficient anywhere, any time,” Dennis Schmuland, chief health strategy officer for U.S. Health & Life Sciences at Microsoft, told the aforementioned source.

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