Microsoft Shows Evidence That Internet Explorer Is Faster Than Firefox, Chrome

New series of tests prove that IE10 performs better than its rivals

Microsoft has always struggled to show everybody that its in-house browser, Internet Explorer, is faster than its rivals, but this time the company comes with some new evidence on the matter.

The Redmondians used the Mandelbrot system to perform a new test and determine whether Internet Explorer 10 is indeed faster than Chrome 23 and Firefox 16.

It turns out that it really is, as IE 10 on average is over twice as fast as Chrome and about 20 percent faster than Firefox, according to Microsoft’s very own findings.

“Each calculation was run on identical hardware, a single Samsung Series 9 laptop with an Intel Core i5-2537M CPU @ 1.40 Ghz with 4GB of memory running 64-bit Windows 7,” the company explained.

Microsoft has just released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 Release Preview, so if you wish to browse the web blazing fast, download the app from Softpedia by clicking this link.

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