Microsoft Shows Internet Explorer 11 DP for Windows 7 in Action – Video

The browser is now available for download for all Windows 7 users

Microsoft officially rolled out the new Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 a few hours ago, thus giving users the chance to try out its latest browser without making the move to Windows 8.1 Preview.

Specifically designed for developers who need to test their websites in the company’s new browser, Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 is said to pack all the features that are already there in Windows 8.1, including security and page loading optimizations.

The software giant claims that Internet Explorer 11 is the most advanced version of its browser to date, so users should really deploy it when the final build becomes available.

As far as Windows 8.1 is concerned, there’s no word on its release date, but rumor has it that OEMs will receive it in August, while end users are expected to get their hands on the new OS soon after that.

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