Microsoft Shuts Down One More Service on September 30

The MSN TV service will be officially retired later this year

Microsoft has recently announced the closure of the TechNet subscription service, but the company is now getting ready to retire another product, this time on September 30.

MSN TV, once called WebTV, was launched in 1996 and was specifically designed to allow users to go online using their TVs.

Microsoft cites the incredible evolution of the TV industry as the main reason for the closure, explaining that “there are many new ways to access the Internet” right now, so no one needs such a service.

The software maker promises a seamless transition for those who are still subscribed for the service and provides more information on the decision in a FAQ posted on its website.

“Before the service ends, you need to make sure that all the users on your account have saved the data that you care about, including mail, favorites, and photos. If you have users on your account that you don’t plan on using, the easiest solution is to remove them from your account before the service ends,” the company explains.

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