Microsoft Sits on Thin Ice with Windows 8 – European Union

EU antitrust regulators warn Microsoft over the new operating system

Microsoft is currently under investigation for failing to offer users a browser choice screen in Windows 7, but the new Windows 8 operating system could also be the subject of a similar investigation.

European Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia said that he didn’t receive any complaints concerning Windows 8, but the Redmond-based company should be careful not to repeat the same mistake as with Windows 7.

"We have been in contact with them regarding Windows 8 and I have conveyed my concerns to them at the highest level possible," Almunia explained.

A web browser choice screen should be offered from the very beginning in Europe if they do not want to be investigated once again and risk a new fine, he said.

Microsoft may have to pay up to 10 percent of its total annual turnover if the company is found guilty for failing to provide a browser choice screen to Windows 7 users.

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