Microsoft Sold Only 30,000 Surface Tablets in China in Q4 2012

A new report points to a very disappointing sales performance of the tablet

Microsoft doesn’t talk too much about the sales figures of its Surface tablet, but a new report published by IDC reveals a rather disappointing performance.

According to the research published by TNW, Microsoft sold approximately 30,000 Surface units in China in Q4 2012, while global sales totaled 900,000 units.

The Surface RT was sold in China via Suning, the local retailer that introduced the device in the country just like Microsoft did in the rest of the world, with midnight parties and high expectations.

While Microsoft’s Surface RT accounted for only 3 percent of worldwide shipments, Apple’s iOS remains the clear leader in China with a market share of 62 percent, obviously followed by Android with 36 percent.

In the meantime, Microsoft is struggling to cope with a Surface Pro shortage, but the device is only available in the United States and Canada for the time being.

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