Microsoft Starts the Windows Live Messenger Shutdown Today

Users are now urged to make the move to Skype as soon as possible

Microsoft officially starts the Windows Live Messenger retirement today, with English versions of the app to be the first that’ll go dark in the next few hours.

The Redmond-based technology giant announced in early 2013 that it would retire Messenger in order to move all users to Skype, the company’s VoIP platform that’s playing a key role in Microsoft’s long-term strategy.

Even though Windows Live Messenger gets retired today, the Messenger service will continue to live on for a while, so users who wish to continue chatting with their friends can still install a third-party client supporting this protocol.

The WLM shutdown will be completed in late April, so at the end of this month, everybody should be either using Skype or a different instant messaging application, such as Trillian or Pidgin.

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