Microsoft Still Not Sure What to Do About Windows RT Jailbreak

The company is still investigating the issue, a spokesperson said

The Windows RT jailbreak community is growing bigger, while Microsoft is still investigating the hack and tries to make the right decision.

A one-click jailbreak solution was officially released approximately three weeks ago and since then, the number of Windows RT users who have decided to unlock their devices and run unsigned code has increased on a daily basis.

While Microsoft initially said that it “applauds” the software developers behind the project and emphasized that such a hack didn’t affect users’ security, the company came back a few days later to reveal that it was looking into the matter in order to decide whether to block the jailbreak or not.

We contacted Microsoft again yesterday to find out if the company had made a decision, but an investigation is apparently still under way, so the only thing we got was the same hint that the hack could be blocked with an update in the future.

The number of apps recompiled to run on unlocked devices is, however, growing bigger, with popular apps such as Chrome and Firefox also expected to join the list anytime soon.

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