Microsoft Still Offering Office 2013 Installation Disks to Some Users

The new productivity software usually needs to be downloaded from Microsoft’s page

Microsoft officially released the new Office 2013 productivity tool in late January, with the Redmond-based technology company also introducing a new software distribution system to fight piracy.

Office is now available as a downloadable software product, so consumers who buy it from a retail store get nothing more than a traditional box containing the product code.

It seems, however, that Microsoft is still offering the traditional Office installation disk in some countries, even though it’s not yet clear which are the markets to get the productivity suite on a physical disk.

A company spokesperson confirmed for Neowin that Office 2013 is indeed sold in some countries on an installation disk, but he hasn’t provided additional information on these markets.

In the meantime, buying a product code and using it to download the new Office version seems to be the fastest and the easiest way to grab a copy in a matter of minutes.

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