Microsoft Still Working on Smaller Tablet – Report

It appears that Redmond is still considering a smaller Surface tablet

Microsoft yesterday rolled out its first 12-inch tablet in history, but according to a report, the company actually canceled plans for an 8-inch version because CEO Satya Nadella believes that such a device wouldn't sell.

It appears, however, that a Surface Mini is still on the table for the time being, but it's not yet clear whether the company is ready to start working on it or it prefers to wait a little bit longer until demand for small tablets is growing again.

Bloomberg says that Surface boss Panos Panay confirmed, after yesterday's event, that a smaller Surface model could be launched at some point in the future, but he declined to provide any details on the project.

The Surface Mini was expected to be delivered with an 8-inch screen in order to compete against rivals that are already on the market, such as the iPad mini and the Nexus 7. Microsoft reportedly planned to position it as a note-taking device, so a digital pen to make this task easy could have also been included.

In the meantime, all eyes are on the Surface Pro 3, which is already up for pre-order and comes with a 12-inch screen that promises to help any user out there give up on the traditional laptop and go for full portability.

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