Microsoft Stores Sell Clients’ Reserved Surface Pros

The company has quickly ran out of Surface with Windows 8 Pro tablets

Microsoft officially debuted the Surface with Windows 8 Pro on Saturday, but the company quickly ran out of tablets shortly after that, with many potential buyers forced to leave home empty-handed.

The problem with the Surface Pro shortage is that some Microsoft stores have even sold the reserved units, so those who pre-ordered a tablet were unable to buy the device.

David Kelly Farmer is one of the affected clients, as he wrote on Twitter that Microsoft hasn’t even informed him about the decision to sell his reserved tablet.

“@Microsoft nice of your South Park store to sell my reserved machine, never called or emailed,” he said.

Microsoft quickly replied to this message, asking Farmer to contact the company in order to grab his own Surface Pro. It appears, however, that he’s not the only one affected by this issue, so use the comment box below to let us know why you didn’t manage to buy a Surface.

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