Microsoft Surface Can Also Charge Mobile Phones

The device also supports millions of USB 2.0 devices

Microsoft’s Surface tablet comes with a USB 2.0 device that can be used not only to connect various devices, but also to charge your mobile phone, the Surface Team said in an AMA session on reddit.

“Why USB 2.0?” you may ask. Basically, because it’s supported by many more devices than USB 3.0, the Surface Team said.

“The full size USB 2.0 port on Surface supports hundreds of millions of devices that are out there... We chose USB 2.0 based on capability of the ARM SoCs during our development timeframe,” a member of the team explained.

As for the USB support, Microsoft says that its new tablet can work with millions of devices, as long as they’re USB 2.0-compatible.

“USB support - Numerous reports of 100's of millions existing USB devices supported. Printers, Keyboards, Cameras - yes. Can I charge a phone - yes. How long have I been using one - >> 6 months microSDXC for both,” another posted message reads.

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