Microsoft Surface Generates a Disappointing 0.13 Percent of Tablet Traffic

New data demonstrates that Surface RT still struggles to impress

Even though Microsoft hasn’t released any official sales figures on the Surface RT, analysts point out that this particular tablet is yet to take off, especially because of the limited distribution and the high price.

And the latest statistics revealed by ad firm Chitika do nothing more than to confirm this scenario.

Microsoft’s Surface RT accounted for only 0.13 percent of all tablet web traffic in the United States and Canada from November 12 to November 18.

Chitika analyzed a sample of tens of millions of tablet impressions from the Chitika ad network, with Google Nexus devices generating seven times more traffic than Microsoft’s first tablet in history.

“Microsoft will need these usage figures to improve in order to attract substantial levels of developer interest for the Surface and broaden its app ecosystem. However, a clearer picture of the device’s longer-term prospects will emerge following Christmas day,” Chitika said.

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