Microsoft Surface Makes Google’s Zeitgeist 2012

Microsoft’s tablet is the seventh most searched consumer electronic

The Surface was officially released on October 26, but Microsoft’s first tablet in history has apparently been stirring up interest throughout the whole year, according to Google’s Zeitgeist report that shows the 2012 search trends.

Microsoft Surface was the 8th most popular search in the “Consumers Electronics” category, while the iPad 3 was the clear leader of this particular section.

Samsung Galaxy S3 arrived second, followed by iPad mini, Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 2, Play Station and iPad 4. Kindle Fire and Nokia Lumia 920 are the two devices that have been placed lower than the Surface.

Surprisingly, Apple’s iPhone 5 hasn’t made the top 10, but the fruity company is the obvious winner of this category with a total of three different devices among the most searched consumer electronics on the market.

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