Microsoft Surface Makes for a Very Techy Skateboard

What do skateboards and the Surface tablets have in common? Microsoft has the answer

Steven Sinofsky, the head of Microsoft’s Windows division, has found a very unique way to promote the Surface tablet: he attached four separate wheels to the device and used it as a skateboard.

While some may think that Microsoft goes a bit too far in its attempt to advertise the first tablet ever wearing its badge, it’s actually a very good idea to show people that the Surface is indeed a very durable device.

It can withstand heavy wear and tear, Microsoft seems to say in these pics, mostly thanks to its Vapor Magnesium case that makes it not only very durable, but also lightweight.

As a matter of fact, the Surface tablet weighs only 0.6 kilos, while the Black Touch Cover adds another 0.5 kilos.

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