Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB Not Available Anymore

The tablet is now listed on Microsoft’s website as out of stock

The Surface Pro 128 GB shortage saga continues, this time with a new “out of stock” notification posted by Microsoft on its official website.

The device was sold out in just a few hours after the official launch on February 9, but Microsoft promised to make more units available across the United States in the coming days.

Even though consumers report that now Surface Pro with 128 GB of storage space is not available in the United States, Microsoft rolled out a pre-order program for those who wish to get the tablet in early March.

It now seems that the company ran out of tablets once again, as this pre-order campaign is not available anymore, with the same “out of stock” message now displayed on its main page.

The only chance to get your hands of a Surface Pro right now is to either buy a 64 GB model or to wait until March when Microsoft is expected to bring more units in stores.

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