Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB Out of Stock Again

It’s almost impossible to buy the top-of-the-range Surface Pro these days

Even though Microsoft promised to make the Surface Pro 128 GB model available in early March, the company is still struggling to cope with the shortage and bring more units in stores.

The device is now once again listed as out of stock on Microsoft’s official webpage, even if the company rolled out a new pre-order program only a few days ago.

The website was previously stating that those who ordered the Surface Pro should get it by March 12, but it seems like Microsoft can’t keep up with demand in the United States.

The company is yet to release an updated statement on the Surface Pro 128 GB availability but, in the meantime, executives are also gearing up for the international launch of the device.

We’ve contacted Microsoft for a word on this, so we’ll get back to you when and if we receive an answer.

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