Microsoft Surface Pro Becomes a Best Buy Bestseller Despite Shortage

The new device is now the fourth best-selling tablet at this retailer

Microsoft has serious problems when it comes to the Surface with Windows 8 Pro supply in the United States and Canada but, despite all these problems, the recently released device is now the fourth bestselling tablet at Best Buy.

Just like the editors over at spotted, the Surface Pro comes fourth after 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Amazon Kindle Fire HD with16 GB, and Kindle Fire with 8 GB.

Even though it’s a lot more expensive than all these three slates, the Surface with Windows 8 Pro remains one of the most popular devices in the United States, especially because it runs the full version of Windows 8 and offers support for desktop apps.

The 128 GB is still out of stock at Microsoft and retailers across the US, but the 64 GB remains up for grabs both online and at Best Buy or Staples stores.

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