Microsoft: Surface Pro Is Just Perfect for MacBook Air and iPad Users

The software giant is trying to challenge Apple with its new tablet

The Surface Pro will soon go on sale and, as compared to its predecessor, the RT version, it comes with the full version of Windows 8 Pro and support for desktop apps.

Since the Surface has always been considered a potential rival for iPads and Android tablets, the Surface Pro is deemed as yet another attempt aimed at Apple users. And Panos Panay, the one responsible for the Surface division at Microsoft, confirmed this on Reddit.

Panay said that the Surface with Windows 8 Pro was the perfect replacement for all MacBook Air and iPad users who wish to enjoy the power of Windows 8 in a very lightweight package.

“Surface Pro is perfect for the person that wants a MacBook Air and an iPad, but doesn’t want the weight or hassle of both devices. We didn’t skimp on the performance you need to run a business but gave it to you in a very portable package,” he said.

What do you think? Does the Surface Pro really have what it takes to challenge both the MacBook Air and the iPad? Post your answers in the comment box after the jump.

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