Microsoft Surface Pro Torn Down, Gets Lowest Score for Reparability

Tearing down and repairing the tablet is quite a challenge, iFixit claims

Since the Surface Pro is the latest star in the gadget world, the guys over at iFixit decided to tear it down and see whether it’s easy or difficult to repair the device all by themselves.

Oh well, while it’s generally believed that Apple’s products are insanely difficult to repair, it may seem like the Surface Pro has managed to break all records.

iFixit has rated the device 1 for reparability, which means that, unless you’re some sort of MacGyver, it’s almost impossible to tear down the tablet and make it work once again.

It seems like Microsoft has used no less than 90 screws, while removing the screen is quite a big challenge, regardless of your skills. And given the fact that cables are everywhere once you remove the screen, make sure you don’t lose your warranty after throwing away the Surface Pro box.

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