Microsoft Surface RT Goes on Sale at Canadian Retailers

Best Buy and Future Shop are now selling the Windows RT tablet

Even though everybody’s waiting for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft continues its expansion plans for the RT version of the tablet, with a new announcement for Canadian users.

The local Best Buy and Future Shop stores are now selling the Surface RT as Microsoft still struggles to boost sales of the device after it initially decided to make it available in its stores exclusively.

According to IT Business, the first Canadian Microsoft Store opened before last Christmas in Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall, but the limited distribution channel for the RT tablet has seriously affected sales.

The Redmond-based technology giant is also getting ready to debut the Surface Pro, the second version of the tablet that’ll come with Windows 8 Pro and support for legacy apps.

Although it’s not yet confirmed, Microsoft is very likely to allow third-party retailers to sell the device from the very beginning in several countries around the globe.

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