Microsoft Surface RT Remains a Disappointing Tablet with 1 Million Sold Units

Apple has sold nearly 20 times more tablets than Microsoft last quarter

Microsoft doesn’t want to reveal any official sales figures for its Surface RT tablet, but as far as analysts across the globe are concerned, the device is a rather disappointing product in a world dominated by Apple and its very own iPad.

UBS analyst Brent Thrill says Microsoft sold only 1 million Surface RT units last quarter, citing the limited distribution as one of the main reasons for this disappointing sales performance.

Apple managed to sell 20 million units during the same period, according to Business Insider, so it seems that people are still going for an iPad over the Surface RT.

The good news is that Microsoft is getting ready to debut the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, the second tablet in its history that’ll feature a full version of Windows and support for legacy apps.

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