Microsoft Surface RT Shows Up at Verizon, but It’s Not for Sale

Verizon uses the Surface RT to showcase Windows products

According to some rumors that emerged a few months ago, Verizon could be one of the retailers that may get Microsoft’s very own Surface RT in the United States.

The tablet has finally showed up at Verizon, TRM writes, but it’s not for sale, as the company only uses it to showcase Windows and Windows Phone products.

In the meantime, the Redmond-based technology giant has already started selling the Surface RT at non-Microsoft stores, with several retailers in the UK, France and the US getting the device last weekend.

What’s more, the company has confirmed in a press statement issued a couple of weeks ago that more countries and more store would get the Surface RT in the upcoming months, as Microsoft is planning to boost sales of the device just before the Pro version comes out.

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