Microsoft Surface Sent to FCC

The tablet is now waiting for the green light from the FCC

Microsoft recently sent the new Surface tablet to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and is now waiting for the green light to start selling it.

The device will be officially unveiled on October 25 together with the Windows 8 operating system and will integrate features such as Wi-Fi and HDMI, as well as a cover keyboard that’s being called “membrane keyboard.”

The device isn’t called “Surface” in the FCC documentation published by Engadget, but instead it’s codenamed “Model 1516.”

Interestingly, Microsoft has specifically requested to keep the documentation and the available photos completely secret, but the included information confirms that this is actually the Surface tablet.

More information is very likely to emerge in the next few days, as we’re only weeks away from the New York launch of both the operating system and the Surface tablet.

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