Microsoft Surface Used for Hacking in NCIS: Los Angeles Episode – Video

The tablet can be used not only by the average Joe, but also by hackers

The recently-launched Surface tablet is a device that mixes the best of two different worlds, as Microsoft likes to say, so it can satisfy basically any user category out there. Including hackers, that is.

The Surface was recently showcased in a NCIS: Los Angeles episode, as the geek character, the one who’s responsible for breaking into every computer system in the world, used one for what seems to be hacking a server and stealing a map.

There’s a funny side to the story however.

If you watch the video carefully, the “hacker” unlocks the tablet, launches the “Start Screen” and instead of loading a secret app to initiate a new attack, he actually taps on “Pictures.”

The so-called map you can see in the video is nothing more than a photo and not a dedicated app, which is quite… uhm… embarrassing.

On the other hand, it’s just another marketing effort, most likely courtesy of Microsoft, to let everybody know that its Surface tablet is alive and kicking.

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