Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Hits the FCC

The device will be launched in January 2013, according to Microsoft’s initial release

Microsoft has already announced that it plans to launch the new Surface with Windows 8 Pro, also known as the Surface Pro, in January, but the company has made another important step to get the device on the market by sending it to the FCC.

Engadget reports that an unidentified tablet called “model 1514” and created by Microsoft has requested FCC’s approval, so chances are that the Surface Pro is getting ready to hit the shelves.

There are several indications that “model 1514” is actually the Surface Pro, as the device is described as running Windows 8 and its codename is very close to the one used by the RT version in the FCC fillings – 1516.

Although Microsoft is yet to announce the launch date, the device will go live in less than 30 days, with pricing to start at $899 (€682) for the cheapest model.

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