Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Is Way Too Expensive – Analyst

The tablet is priced for business users, Rick Sherlund says

Microsoft is getting ready to debut the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, the second tablet of the Surface family that’s going to feature the full version of Windows 8 and support for desktop software.

While the device will be available in two different versions, with pricing to begin at $899 (€675), Rick Sherlund, a Nomura Equity Research analyst, says the Surface Pro is going to be too expensive for the end user.

The Surface Pro won’t be offered with a Touch Cover, but the keyboard would be available separately for more than $100 (€75), which means the final price of the tablet could go over $1,000 (€750).

According to The Seattle Times, Sherlund said that the Surface Pro would most likely target business users, as consumers would prefer to stick with more affordable tablets, such as the RT version of the Surface.

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