Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Likely to Launch Next Week

The company is yet to publicly reveal that launch date

Microsoft has decided to remain completely tight-lipped on the official launch date of the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, but according to previous reports, the device is very likely to see daylight next week.

The Redmond-based technology giant previously announced that the Surface Pro would hit shelves 90 days after the Surface RT, which means that January 26 could witness the tablet going live.

Since January 26 is actually Saturday and Microsoft is yet to confirm a launch event, the Surface Pro is expected to be unveiled next week, just like our Redmond insiders told us recently.

What’s more, some previous rumors indicated that Microsoft intends to release the tablet running Windows 8 Pro before the end of January, together with some other products, such as Office 2013. And if we are to judge by all the recent leaks, the new productivity suite is expected on January 29, which may very well be the launch date of the Surface Pro too.

Update: Microsoft has just confirmed that the Surface Pro would be released on February 9. More info here.

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