Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro Pre-Orders Begin, Sort Of

Best Buy is reportedly receiving pre-orders for the upcoming Surface Pro

Microsoft will officially launch the Surface Pro on February 9, but even though the company is yet to announce a pre-order program for the new device, third-party retailers are reportedly taking care of it. writes that consumers who purchase a gift card worth $50 (€37) are also allowed to pre-order a Surface with Windows 8 Pro, but several details remain unclear for the time being.

For example, we can’t tell for sure whether Best Buy intends to ship the pre-ordered tablets on February 9 or the consumers would have to get them from the stores during the same day.

While Best Buy doesn’t advertise the pre-order campaign, it appears that customers need to ask the store staff personally every time they purchase a gift card, as some employees “may not even know the device is there,” as the source wrote.

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