Microsoft Takes Over Analytics Vendor Netbreeze

The company is looking to focus more on CRM with a new acquisition

Microsoft has just announced that it had purchased analytics company Netbreeze, an important step for the company’s long-term strategy in the CRM business.

While the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Microsoft says that Netbreeze will play a key role for the development of social media analytics technologies, as it could offer the necessary solutions for multi-lingual access and analysis to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube streams.

“This is a huge benefit over competing solutions that translate to a common language then analyze sentiment from there. Additionally, they offer their customers the ability to monitor a wide array of social channels including Facebook, YouTubeand Twitter, as well as 6,000 online news websites, 18 million blogs and 500,000 message boards,” Microsoft corporate VP, Bob Stutz, said in a statement.

Netbreeze solutions will be soon integrated into Dynamics CRM software to provide customers with enhanced social capabilities.

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