Microsoft Talks DPI Scaling Improvements in Windows 8.1

The company has tweaked the OS to easily deal with higher resolution displays

Microsoft has recently detailed the improvements it made to Windows 8.1 when it comes to dealing with high-resolution screens, such as 4K devices that are quickly becoming very popular across the world.

The company claims that Windows 8.1 packs several DPI scaling improvements that would allow the operating system not only to optimize the usability and readability of high-DPI displays, but also to provide a uniform experience across multi-display systems.

At the same time, the first major Windows 8 overhaul integrates tools to enable custom DPI-scaling for Metro apps, which basically allows devs to create software that works perfectly on high-resolution displays.

“Windows 8.1 provides APIs for apps to know what the optimal scaling value is. If you were developing that photo editing app, you could scale the toolbars and chrome based on the optimal scaling value and leave the image viewing area at 100% scale,” the company explained.

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